#OracleIdM 11g webinar : Is this for OAM (Oracle Access Manager) & OIM (Oracle Identity Manager) 11g ?

If you follow Mark Wilcox’s blog here you must have noticed OracleIdM 11g webinar on 21st July where Oracle is going to show rest of the 11g Identity Management (My guess is on Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) which currently on version 9.1.X and Oracle Access Manager (OAM) which is currently on version

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Just to give you brief overview of Oracle IdM (Oracle Identity Management) product stack

Directory Services

  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)  version
  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID) version

Identity Administration

  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)  version 9.1.X
  • Oracle Role Manager (ORM) version 10g R3

Access Control

  • Oracle Access Manager (OAM) version (preferred Single Sign-On)
  • Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) version (part of OPSS: Oracle Platform Security Services)
  • Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) version (cross domain)
  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO) version 11.1.1.X
  • Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) version (fine grained control)

Audit & Compliance

  • Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) version

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Hi Atul,

We are in need of OIM Trainer in Bangalore by this Monday/Tuesday.

Let me know whether you can make it if you are in India.


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