How to configure Load Balancer in Oracle E-Business Suite R12

This post covers steps to configure Load Balancer (with assumptions mentioned below) with Oracle E-Buisness Suite R12 . For overview and various options for High Availability (at application tier level) follow Metalink (Oracle My Support) note 380489.1Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12


Configuration steps mentioned in this post are based on following assumptions

1.E-Business Suite (Apps) is installed and accessible using at least one apps server via web server port (assume port pool 0 i.e. 8000) i.e.

2. There is hardware load balancer available with port translation (8000 to 80) – (Optional and required only if you want port translation or URL on non default port)

Note: If your load balancer does not have port translation feature and you would like to use standard HTTP(s) port i.e. 80 or 443 then additional steps are required to reconfigure EBS on 80/443

3. If you want URL to be SSL/HTTPS (port 443) then Load Balancer should have capability to SSL encryption/decryption (In this case SSL will terminate at Load Balancer and from Load Balancer to Web/Apps Tier configure is HTTP)

Note: If you want SSL to be configured all the way till Web/Apps Tier then additional steps are required to re-configure EBS on 443

4. EBS R12 supports multiple URLs pointing to same application. (For this setup you need minimum 2 apps tier + additional profile option configuration)

Follow section 2.2 Using Hardware Load Balancer with Multiple Web Entry Points of Note # 380489.1

5. Session Persistence is configured at Load Balancer (Mandatory if you have multiple middle/apps tier)

Configuration below are based on following setup (change values where required)

1. There are two application tier ( and with web port as 8000

2. Load Balancer URL after setup is (listening on port 80)

3. Load Balancer is configured with entry forwarding request to & (with session stickiness)


Step to follow to re-configure Oracle Apps to use Load Balancer

1. Update following five values in Context File ($CONTEXT_FILE)  (Context file is at $INST_TOP/appl/admin) of application tier. To know more about INST_TOP and CONTEXT_FILE click here  and  here

a) s_webentryhost – To load balancer  URL i.e. mylbr (Do not enter full name with domain)
b) s_active_webport -to load balancer port i.e. 80 (For SSL use 443)
c) s_login_page – Full URL pointing to Load Balancer http://loadbalancer.domain:port/OA_HTML/AppsLogin i.e. (For SSL use https and port as 443)
d) s_external_url – Load Balancer URL http://loadbalancer.domain:port  i.e. (For SSL use https and port as 443)
e) s_webentryurlprotocol – http  (Change to https if using SSL)
f) s_webentrydomain – Load Balancer Domain i.e.

2. Run Autoconfig on application tier

3. Repeat step 1 & 2 on all nodes running Web Server. (To check which servers are running as Web Nodes, login to database as user apps and run query “select node_name from fnd_nodes where SUPPORT_WEB=’Y’;”)

4. Test load balancer configuration by accessing load balancer URL i.e.

5. If you get page not found error then check if request is coming from load balancer to Web Server access logs at $LOG_HOME/ ora/10.1.3/ access_log.NNNNNNNN (sort access log based on time stamp “ls -ltr access_log*”)



  • 380489.1Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

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Subbu says April 22, 2011

Hi Atul,

Thank you very much for such nice explaination. It is much helpfull to understand Load Balancer Configuration in R12.

Can you please share us the steps confguring Web Tier (For i-recruitment,i-supplier etc) in DMZ environment.

Best Regards,

How to configure Load Balancer in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 | APP Servers says April 22, 2011

[…] Visit link: How to configure Load Balancer in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 […]

Atul Kumar says April 25, 2011

@ Subbu,
Please follow metalink note 380490.1 – Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Configuration in a DMZ

For iSupplier and iRecruitment specific settings check Appendix B

Following Profile Options are key :

POS: External URL
POS: Internal URL

Subbu says April 29, 2011

Thanks Atul. I will check that document. Thank you again.

mabid284 says December 9, 2011

please adivse the “additional steps are required to reconfigure EBS on 80” in the question number 2 on your post.

dodul says January 11, 2012

Hello Atul,

My requirment is configuring ” software load balancer with r12.1.3 “.

As I have gone through some links and metalink doc id’s (Doc ID 380489.1, 727171.1) , These all id’s and links are recommending for hardware load balancer .but our requirment is software load balancer.

Can you tell me about third party software load balancer and how to configure EBS r12 by using that.?

does you have knowledge about Piranha software load balancer with r12.?

Atul Kumar says January 11, 2012

@ Dodul,
Steps on EBS suite side doesn’t change for software or hardware load balancer they are same.

For software load balancer you must configure request forwarding to EBS application node with session stickiness (similar to setup you do for hardware load balancer)

dodul says January 12, 2012

Thanks for your reply Atul,

I will be very thank full to you if you send me any Doc id/Link or steps to configure software loadbalancer with R12.1.3 in my mail id.

Thank you,

Atul Kumar says January 13, 2012

@ Dodul, every software load balancer will have their own steps. First identify which software load balancer you are planning to use.

yogeshbhandarkar says January 14, 2012

Hi Atul,

I want to implement SSL with H/W Load Balancer for R12. Where Do I have to put the SSL certificates? on Load Balancer or in Wallet on server. In our current 11i setup we have put the certificateon Load Balancer.

Thanks in Advance!

Atul Kumar says January 15, 2012

@ yogeshbhandarkar ,
It depends where you SSL is terminating .
If SSL is terminating at load balancer and mode between load balancer and application tier is non-ssl then you should deploy certificates on Load Balancer.

If SSL is going all the way till application tier then you should put certificate on application tier .

gmhooper says July 16, 2012

Can I use 2 harware load balancers for EBS R12.1.3 one for 2 internal appstiers, and one for 2 external apptiers, and SSO with webgate 10g and OAM 11g. If so how do I configure the webgate and OAM to recognize the LB’s and send requests back to the correct LB.

    Atul Kumar says July 18, 2012

    @ gmhooper,
    Yes you can use 2 hardware load balancer (one for internal and another for external). In EBS there is profile option at site level and server level, for set of internal EBS set SITE level profile option (Authentication Agent) to internal load balancer URL and for external EBS nodes set SERVER level profile option (Authentication Agent) to external load balancer URL . We also provide consultancy and can set this up for you or your client but that will be paid consultancy.

Vivek Sharma says August 7, 2012

Hi Atul,

Is it possible to configure multiple web entry points and load balancer using Rapid Install?


oamadminuser says June 6, 2013

Hi Atul,
we set up R12.1.3 with OAM/Webgate 11g for authentication against OID and that is working.

But after we configured Load Balancer address into R12, OAM login page gives “There was an error processing your request. The Login/Portal Server Installation may be incomplete”

AppsLocalLogin.jsp with the LBR address works fine.

Going back to “physical” hostnames in R12 also allows logins to work.

Any idea why LBR would break OAM login? We are using SSL termination at the load balancer.

Youdba says April 8, 2014

Hi atul,

it is very helpfull post.


inder says February 28, 2015

We have r12, where 2 nodes having DMZ SSL enabled. Lb also configured. Now want to use SSL on lb instead of DMZ nodes. What steps we need to do? Please guide

we09 says June 19, 2015

Hi Atul
We have configured Oracle EBS with software load balancer (Microsoft ARR) and it is working great except for one thing. OBIEE is installed on a separate server but under same domain. When trying to call OBIEE from the Apps menu the URL is not switching to the OBIEE server as it should do when we did not have a load balancer installed

Any advise is appreciated


Ram says March 18, 2016

Good Explanation.

Rahul Sanyal says July 23, 2017

Hi Atul

Thanks for the post.
In our environment, we already have load balancer implemented serving 2 internal application nodes. Our requirement is to implement SSL connection (only inbound connections need to be SSL) with SSL termination at the load balancer. Traffic from LB to application servers need to stay HTTP. I was going through Note “Enabling TLS in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 (Doc ID 376700.1)” . From what I have gathered, I should be following all steps in section 5.2.1 . Would I need to perform the section 5.2.1 Step 1 on each of the application server nodes? would be great if you could explain a bit please.


    Atul Kumar says August 22, 2017

    @Rahul, 5.2.1 of SSL is in case where SSL is terminating on OHS or OC4J on EBS R12.1 but in your case this is terminating on LB.

Mohamed says August 26, 2017

Hi Atul,

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with everyone.
I have a question regarding DMZ, can we configure DMZ in Oracle EBS 12.2 while having one DB node and one MT node only (MT node to be used as internal and external in the same time)?
Is there any supported configuration for such architecture?


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