User not found in Identity Store : Webcenter Integration with External LDAP like OID (or AD)

I recently integrated Oracle WebCenter 11g with Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 11g using steps here (For OID integration with WebLogic Domain click here ).  I also added an OID user to WebCenter Administrator role as mentioned here

I was able to login to WebCenter Spaces with OID user successfully but received warning (error) after login “WCS [] User not found in Identity Store

Cause: WebLogic server on which webcenter  is deployed is running with multiple authentication providers with default authenticator’s JAAS flag set to REQUIRED

Fix: Login to WebLogic Console -> Security Realms -> myrealm -> Providers -> Default Authenticator -> Control Flag (change from REQUIRED to SUFFICIENT)



Oracle WebCenter 11g Single Sign-On integration using Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g coming soon ….

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damien says November 16, 2011


This may not always be the case, for example you may have specific extended properties or properties for one LDAP provider for one authenticator and you will also receive this message.


Lakshman says May 10, 2013

I am working with the web center integration with AD but here i got the same issue we did the same configurations flag set to Sufficient.
its showing the same issue while log-in into the web center spaces..
can you pls help me out.

Sergey Gusev says July 17, 2014


I can’t login to WebCenter and WebLogic Server with LDAP users. I can see LDAP users and groups and I give LDAP user Admin Role at Global Roles – > View Role Conditions, but I still can’t login via LDAP users – only as weblogic.

Can you help me?

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