How to access ODI Studio on Linux

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Studio is used by Developers and Administrators to access  ODI Repository (Master and Work Repository)

  • To launch ODI Studio on Linux, launch it from ODI ORACLE_HOME/oracledi/client/ (This will open GUI so run this command with X server running or from VNC)

To connect ODI Studio to Master Repository or Work Repository make new connection

ODI Design Studio


  • dev_odi_repo is schema created using RCU containing Master and Work Repository
  • URL: is database server host, 1521 is DB listener Port and is Database Service Name which contains Master/Work Repository
  • User: SUPERVISOR is OID supervisor created using RCU during schema creation

For ODI Installation and configuring ODI J2EE Agent stay tuned

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Shobhit says May 8, 2013


I have installed ODI11g and want to connect the ODI Studio. Whenever i tried to call it shows the processing but didn’t show any GUI. Is there is anything we missed in the configuraion or something is mssing in linux environment. or anything need to be installed on linux environment?


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