Oracle Enterprise Gateway – OEG 11gR1 (11.1.1.*) for beginners

Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG) is a security solution (part of Access Management Suite) to provide first line of defence in SOA environment. OEG provides security, governance, acceleration, and integration for SOA Systems.

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
OEG – Oracle Enterprise Gateway

1. OEG intercepts request for Web Services made by Service Consumer in DMZ

2. OEG consists of following components
a) Oracle Enterprise Gateway
b) Policy Studio : admin tool to configure policies and OEG settings. Policy Studio is typically installed on separate machine for remote administration (though can run on same machine as OEG)
c) Service Manager : web based tool to manage services and policies . Like registering services and assigning policies to these services.
d) Real Time Monitoring Console : web based tool to for real-time monitoring of HTTP/S traffic processed by OEG
e) Traffic Monitor
f) Service Monitor : generates reports and charts based on usage metrics of all Enterprise Gateway in network. Service monitor provides integration with databases like Oracle, MySQL , MS SQL Server etc
3. Service Monitor is a separate installation and requires OEG Server and JDBC database that contains monitoring and transaction data read by Service Monitor

4. Service Monitor can be launched from http://HOST:8040/ (where 8040 is default service monitor page)

5. Default ports in OEG deployment are – OEG Server (8090), Policy Center Server(8060), Service Monitor Server (8040)

6. OEG is supported on Linux (OEL/Linux 5.3+, OEL/Linux 4.7+, Suse 10 SP1+ or Suse 11), Windows (2003 SP2/R2+, 2008 SP1+, XP SP2+, 7), and Solaris (9.9+ , 10.4+)

7. To start OEG Server use INSTALL_DIR/posix/bin/enterprisegateway (Unix/Linux) , INSTALL_DIR\win32\bin\enterprisegateway

8. Default URL for OEG is http://HOST:8090/ and username password is admin/changeme

9. To start Policy Studio INSTALL_DIR/policystudio (Unix/Linux) ,

10. Default URL for Policy Studio is http://HOST:8090/ and username password is admin/changeme




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subhankar says August 15, 2012

How different is this product from the Oracle Webservices Manager. Doesnt OWSM offer same functionalities ?

David Richardson says August 19, 2012

So how do we throw OPSS into the mix? Doesn’t it also include OWSM?

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