OID 11g LDAP based Multi Master replication : Configuration Entries you must know

I discussed about OID multi-master replication (LDAP based) in OID 11g here , In this post I am going to answer some of the question about OID replication that an OID administrator must know

  • Where is OID replication configuration stored in DIT (Directory Information Tree) ?
  • What user two OID nodes (part of replication group) uses to communicate to each other ?
  • What process is run as part of OID replication service ?


1. By default when you install OID, it creates container cn=replication configuration in OID root as shown below

a) Here innowave21 is host name where OID is installed (listening on port 3070) and OIAM is Database Instance Name (or SID for single node database) where ODS schema for this OID exists.


b) In below screenshot you will see second OID installed and running on same host innowave21  (listening on port 3080) and in different database OIAM2  


2. After configuring replication between these two OIDs you would see


3) Here user cn=replication dn,orclreplicaid=innowave21_OIAM,cn=replication configuration in first OID and user  cn=replication dn,orclreplicaid=innowave21_OIAM2,cn=replication configuration in second OID is used to communicate with each other.

4) Password of account cn=replication dn,orclreplicaid=[OID_hostname]_[DATBASE_INSTANCE],cn=replication configuration is same as ODS schema password and is stored in file at $ORACLE_INSTANCE/OID/admin/

5) In below screenshots

a) attribute orclReplicateState means –  0 (boot strap mode), 1 (online), 2 (offline) – other values are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (sync schema), 8 (boot strap without schema sync) – This means below two OIDs are in online mode

b) orclReplicaType – 0 (Read / Write), 1 (Read Only), 2 (Pilot or Testing mode) – This means both OIDs are configured in Read/Write Mode i.e. Multi-Master



 6) When configured OID with replication you should see replication process like

[aiam@innowave21 ~]$ ps ux | grep oidrepld
aiam 3583 0.0 0.0 144328 11924 ? Sl 07:59 0:02 /oracle/apps/iam/mid/idm/idm/bin/oidrepld -p 3070 -d 0

7) OID replication logs are stored in file $ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/OID/[oid1]/oidrepldXX-XXXX.log

Entry like below means change is shipped from OID2 (in database oiam2) to OID1 (in database oiam) and applied to OID1

[2012-10-05T12:32:19+01:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDREPLD] [host: innowave21] [pid: 30264] [tid: 1] Reader(Transport):: 1 new changes (for transport) queued from innowave21_oiam2 to innowave21_oiam 

[2012-10-05T12:33:07+01:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDREPLD] [host: innowave21] [pid: 30264] [tid: 2] Reader(Apply):: 1 new changes queued from innowave21_oiam2 to innowave21_oiam



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