Topic 7 : Bulk Load and Post Processing in OIM – Certification Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Essentials Exam -1Z1-459

This post covers topic 7 of certification 1Z1-459 Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Essentials  i.e. Bulk Load and Post Processing

Topic 7 Bulk Load and Post Processing of certification 1Z1-459 contains following sub topics

7.1 Configure Bulk Load utility
7.2 Configure post processing task for bulk load

Bulk Load Utility in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) provides facility to load users and roles in bulk quickly.

1. Using Bulk Load Utility in OIM, data can be loaded from CSV (comma separated value) file or from Database.

2. Bulk Load Utility can be used to load following data
a) User Data that corresponds to Account Data in OIM
b) Account Data that corresponds to User Data in OIM
c) Role, Role Membership, Role Category, and Role Hierarchy Data in OIM

3. Bulk Import related files are under $ORACLE_HOME/ server/ db/ oim/ oracle/ Utilities/ oimbulkload

4. Main script that constitute bulk load is (Unix) / oim_blkld.bat (Windows)

5. Data loaded using bulk load from CSV file loaded in to temporary table (created by bulk load tool) under OIM schema.

a) Bulk Load will create two tables for each CSV file , one with name OIM_BLKLD_TMP_[first_six_character_of_file]_[N] (containing correct data loaded in to temporary table) and second with name OIM_BLKLD_EX_[first_six_character_of_file]_[N] (containing data that fails to load in OIM temporary table)

6. Statistics about Bulk Load utility run i.e. number of records processed, loaded and rejects are recorded in file $ORACLE_HOME/ server/ db/ oim/ oracle/ Utilities/ oimbulkload/ logs_YYYYMMDD_hhmm/ oim_blkld_user_load_summary.log

7. bulk load operation progress is also recorded in table OIM_BLKLD_LOG

8. You must stop OIM server while running Bulk Load Utility

9. Bulk Load Post Process scheduled task starts post processing jobs for the Bulk Load Utility.



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