Upgrading Oracle EBS to Release 12.2 ? Here is what you should keep in mind !

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We all know 11i versions of E-business suite are De-supported at all levels and R12.1 De-support dates are near. In this scenario there is a huge requirement of Upgrade to the latest versions (R12.2). Oracle, no doubt adopted latest technology and moves to give the best in industry and so on the Oracle Application side. Latest version on Oracle application is 12.2 (Specific 12.2.5) and it comes with latest technology stack.

The blow points gives the high-level overview of upgrade to R12.2 from the lower versions. Let’s start with Tech stack versions

TECHNOLOGY COMPONENT R12.0.4 R12.1 R12.2/R12.2.5
Application Server


Any upgrade to R12.2 goes through below phases


  1.  Plan for Upgrade – Better plan is surety of success most of the time. We need to plan and also document all the issues reported so that during the Final-Production upgrade downtime can be minimal. We need to plan and check all the intermediate version are supported if not operational. That is the key point during the planning. Follow the best practices for minimizing the upgrade downtime suggested by Oracle and also as per the client and DBA experiences.
  2. Prepare for Upgrade–  This phase starts after the planning phase and includes Database and Application preparation for upgrade activity. This is the main upgrade phase where we perform all the upgrade activities
  3. Database Upgrade – Select the latest version for database. If 11g database, consider for version or you can plan for 12c versions too. Also apply the latest Consolidate patches as per the database versions. On the application side we need to be on the Minimum base line patches as per the Oracle recommendations.
  4. File System Lay down-  As we know R12.2 comes with latest technology and file-system, so we need to lay down the R12.2 file-system using the latest startCD. Currently StartCD 50 is available.
  5. Upgrade to 12.2.0- We need to first upgrade to 12.2.0 and need to apply AD and TXK patches on the 12.2 filesystem. As this is the intermediate stage we need to perform it as pre-install activity. At this stage Application will not be operational.
  6. Enable Online Patching- As you know new feature of R12.2 is online patching so we need to enable our old instance for the same. This is bit time consuming activity and we need to follow the Online Patching Readiness document 1531121.1 from MOS.  This phase fixes
  • Any Coding Violation
  • Enable edition of Application and or any custom schema.
  • Generate edition views and column

     7. Upgrade further to 12.2.X- We are at 12.2 with latest database now. Now on the application side we can    come to the latest version (12.2.5 Currently). We need to apply the latest technology patches (Delta 7 till now) and EBS RUP patches after that.

  • Middle Tier patches -> 1594274.
  • AD-TXK RUP patches -> 1617461.1
  • EBS R12.2.X Document -> 12.2.4 or 12.2.5
  • All the post upgrade patches and steps

    8. Translations– In case multiple languages are there then we need to take care of Translation patches as well.  12.2 and then 12.2.X translated patches and also we need to apply TSP (Translation Sync Patches).

    9. Customization– Once standard/seeded code is at R12.2.X level we need to take care of the customization’s in our old versions. For R12.2 we have new development standards and need to follow the same to get the custom code compliant with our applications.



  • Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12 (1406960.1)
  • Best Practices for Minimizing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade Downtime (1581549.1)
  • Check the (157766.1) document for Developing and Deploying customization’s
  • 15 Documents every Apps DBA must read before upgrading to EBS 12.2

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