PurgeCache in OIM 11g : CategoryName

PurgeCache utility in OIM is to purge Cached items from OIM’s Cache (data in memory).  PurgeCache is covered in my book “Oracle Identity and Access Manager 11g for Administrators ” . I also discussed about PurgeCache issue in my earlier post here 

This post covers key things which an OIM Administrator must know.

  • PurgeCache utility is available at $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin (PurgeCache.sh or PurgeCache.cmd)
  • Syntax to run PurgeCache utility is PurgeCache.sh|cmd <CategoryName>
  • Category Name includes All, FormDefinition, DataObjectEventHandlers, UserConfig, ConnectorResourceBundle…
  • For full list of Category Name, check db/oim-config.xml file in MDS repository and look for XML tag cacheCategoryConfig More on how to export/import MDS schema coming soon…
  • wlfullclient.jar must be in CLASSPATH for PurgeCache to run successfully
  • If OIM is configured to run in SSL mode then set variable TRUSTSTORE_LOCATION to location of “Trust Key Store”
  • PurgeCache utility prompts for Admin Username, Password and Service URL , user OIM Admin Superuser i.e. XELSYSADM and service URL as  t3://oimhostname:14000(where 14000 is deafult OIM Managed server oim_server1 port in WebLogic)

When should I run PurgeCache utility ?

You should PurgeCache utility when you update system property for which caching is enabled (defined in db/config-oim.xml in MDS Schema)by using any method other than from Advanced Administration screen in OIM .

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Anand says January 22, 2014

Hi Atul,

I am facing an issue when i run a custom schedule job.I can’t see any success or failure in my Job history box,it shows like No Entries.

1)I have restarted the clustered servers.
2)I have restarted the schedular from the webbrowser
No logs from Oim_server1.out when i run the schedular.

Error from diagnostic log:
[oim_server1] [WARNING] [] [oracle.iam.scheduler.impl] [tid: [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: ‘0’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’] [userId: xelsysadm] [ecid: ddf8edfc2d10fbbf:-76ae622b:143b51a6b0d:-8000-0000000000001805,0] [APP: oim#] XSD Validation Exception: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element ‘scheduledTasks’.

Please help is much appreciated.

Gupta Katakam says November 25, 2015

Hi Atul,

I am updating one lookup values manually and when I am using those values at the time of create or modify user I am facing IAM-3050056. Oracle Bug 14822094 suggested me to run purgecache. Could you please let me know which cacheCategory I have to choose?

Thanks & Regards,
Gupta Katakam

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