PurgeCache utility in OIM is to purge Cached items from OIM’s Cache (data in memory).  PurgeCache is covered in my book “Oracle Identity and Access Manager 11g for Administrators ” . I also discussed about PurgeCache issue in my earlier post here 

This post covers key things which an OIM Administrator must know.

  • PurgeCache utility is available at $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin (PurgeCache.sh or PurgeCache.cmd)
  • Syntax to run PurgeCache utility is PurgeCache.sh|cmd <CategoryName>
  • Category Name includes All, FormDefinition, DataObjectEventHandlers, UserConfig, ConnectorResourceBundle…
  • For full list of Category Name, check db/oim-config.xml file in MDS repository and look for XML tag cacheCategoryConfig More on how to export/import MDS schema coming soon…
  • wlfullclient.jar must be in CLASSPATH for PurgeCache to run successfully
  • If OIM is configured to run in SSL mode then set variable TRUSTSTORE_LOCATION to location of “Trust Key Store”
  • PurgeCache utility prompts for Admin Username, Password and Service URL , user OIM Admin Superuser i.e. XELSYSADM and service URL as  t3://oimhostname:14000(where 14000 is deafult OIM Managed server oim_server1 port in WebLogic)

When should I run PurgeCache utility ?

You should PurgeCache utility when you update system property for which caching is enabled (defined in db/config-oim.xml in MDS Schema)by using any method other than from Advanced Administration screen in OIM .