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Applying Patches in Oracle Fusion Middleware ? Welcome to Zero DownTime (ZDT) Patch ?


 In my Oracle Fusion Middleware Training for Apps DBAs, DBAs, and Middleware Admin, I was discussing about Patching as part of Module 10, where we cover various patching tools like opatch, bsu, psa for various products like SOA, WebLogic, OHS, WebCenter etc including Schema Patches. One of the topic came was how to apply patches without impacting […]

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OAM 11gR2 FREE Mini Course by Oracle ACE Atul Kumar

FREE Training : Learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Single Sign-On (SSO)


 In this post I am going to cover why you should learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM), What to learn in OAM and How you can learn.  I’ll also share link to my FREE  Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11gR2 Mini Course. In this FREE OAM Mini Training I’ll send 3-4 mails every week over next 4 weeks for […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : Concepts & Architecture : If I can do it, you can too

If I can do it, you can too…and I truly believe this.      In this post I am going to cover what is Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW), Why I learnt it and What & How you should learn it too.     Before I tell more about FMW, for those who don’t know me, 16 Years ago, […]

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Oracle SOA / BPM 12c : Overview / Installation Topology/ Architecture Every Apps DBA must know


  This post covers 10 things an Oarcle Apps DBA or SOA Administrator must know to install/deploy and configure Oracle SOA / BPM 12c . If you are new to Oracle Fusion Middleware or WebLogic Server, I suggest go through my previous post on WebLogic Domain – Admin , Managed Server and Cluster or go through my […]

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[Free Live Webinar] Learn Oracle Fusion Middleware (HA & Concepts) from Oracle ACE Atul Kumar


  Oracle Fusion Middleware transformed my career and now you have an opportunity to change yours, I’m working on Oracle Middleware since 2003-2004 (from 3.0.9 portal to 9iAS) but learning Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g/11g components like WebLogic, OHS, SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter etc.. completely transformed my Career. With Oracle’s acquisition of BEA and incorporating WebLogic Server […]

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Are you ready for Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade ? Learn 12.2 before its too late…


With Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Oracle replaced underlying Technology Stack from 10g AS to WebLogic Server, introduced Online Patching (ADOP), Dual File System and lot more .

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FREE Demo Class : Oracle Apps DBA 12.1 & 12.2 : on 29 January (Friday) Join Team K21 Technologies


  We’re so glad and excited to share that this year 2016, we got an amazing start-up on learning and noticed that you are also seeking the same. How? Few Days back we have done our FREE Webinar on Oracle E-Business 12.2 New Features every Apps DBA must know and in that Webinar many of […]

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FREE Live Demo class with Hands-On : Oracle Access Manager : Sunday


  This Sunday 24th Jan at 7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST/ 3:30 PM GMT/ 9 PM GMT  I’ll be doing FREE Demo Class on Oracle Access Manager with Hands-on for my Upcoming Oracle Access Manager course. But before I can Jump into this  FREE Demo class with some Hands-On exercises I need your help! I’m starting […]

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OAMConsole : 404 Page not found for /oamconsole in Oracle Access Manager 11gR2


 OAM Console (/oamconsole) is an application to manage Oracle Access Manager Configuration that gets deployed on WebLogic’s Admin Server (when you configure OAM Server). You access OAM Console from http://WebLogicAdminServerHost:AdminPort/oamconsole This post covers issue encountered by one of our trainee in our Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Training / Workshop Error: While accessing an oamconsole at […]

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FREE Webinar : Saturday 9th Jan : SSL in WebLogic / SOA / WebLogic & OHS


   SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and TLS is for Transport Layer Security where SSL 3.0 is predecessor of TLS 1.0. TLS V1.0 was always considered to be little more secure than its predecessor SSL 3.0 however with POODLE vulnerability SSL v3.0 is now completely insecure (Are you still using SSL 3.0 in your […]

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