Autoconfig in Oracle Apps R12

Autoconfig is tool/utility to reconfigure your Oracle Application configuration files using context (XML file) and template files, more information here and here

This post covers steps to run Autoconfig in Oracle Apps R12 (steps are similar to 11i, only change is location of autoconfig script and log files)


A) Running Autoconfig on R12 environment Application Tier

1. Login as user owning application tierfor R12 (usually applmgr)

2. Set environment variable by executing env file $INSTALL_BASE/ apps/ apps_st/ appl/ APPL[$SID]_[$hostname].env

3. cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME  (or $INSTALL_BASE/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/ admin/ scripts)

4. run (Autoconfig script)
./adautocfg.sh5. Supply apps password when prompted.
B) Running Autoconfig on R12 environment Database Tier

1.Login as user owning database tier for R12 (usually oracle)

2. Set environment variable by executing env file $INSTALL_BASE/ db/ tech_st/ [11.1.0 or 10.2.0]/ [$SID]_[$hostname].env

3. cd $ORACLE_HOME/ appsutil/ scripts/ $CONTEXT_NAME

4. run (Autoconfig script)

5. Supply apps password when prompted



Things good to know about Autoconfig in R12
Autoconfig logs for R12 application tier are at

$INSTALL_BASE/inst/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/$MMDDHHMM/adconfig.log ($INST_TOP/admin/log/[$MMDDhhmm])

2. Autoconfig logs for R12 Database tier are at


3. R12 system is autoconfig enabled and uses context file stored in [INST_TOP]/appl/admin/[CONTEXT_NAME].xml (Application Tier)
[$DATABASR_ORACLE_HOME]/appsutil/[$CONTEXT_NAME].xml (Database Tier)



  • 387859.1  Using AutoConfig to Manage System Configurations in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

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