Oracle #Coherence 3.6 is now available

Oracle today announced release of Coherence 3.6  

What is Oracle Coherence ? 
Oracle Coherence is in-memory data grid solution and provides distributed cachingplatform for Middleware Products.  Oracle Coherence is product from Tangosol acquired by Oracle in 2007.

             Oracle Coherence is part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Family and can be intergrated with Oracle WebLogic Server via ActiveCache.

  • Download Oracle Coherence from here
  • For Coherence 3.6 documentation click here
  • For Coherence*Web integration with WebLogic click here

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Arpit says April 13, 2012

I have a question in the same.
Let suppose i am calling a pl/sql procedure to get some output using a business service.
Due to some issue first time when i called i got some error message.
This value will be now stored in cache.
Now i have corrected my pl/sql procedure but again if i will call the business service.
It will try to get the data from cache and i will get a wrong result.

Can you please let me know what type of strategy we should use in these kind of situation?

Akhil says December 4, 2014


We have an environment consisting of OAM 11g used for session management and SSO purpose.

We have multiple nodes deployed in clusters.

Also i see that under server registration tab in OAM , the coherence log settings.

My question is , is coherence set up by default in OAM 11g that enables session replication via the distributed caching mechanism within the OAM Nodes. ?

Please reply ASAP , its an urgent requirement.

Thanks in Advance .

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