How to Update User Password in OID (single account or bulk) – command line or GUI

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is LDAP compliant directory server and used to store users with password (optionally) and various other attributes of user (password is stored in userPassword attribute).  User password can be updated by

1) Using ODSM  (for OID 11g) or OIDMON (for OID 1og)

2) Using ldap command (ldapmodify) with LDIF file (LDAP Data Interchange Format)



To update OID user password in bulk(multiple users) using ldap command with LDIF file

a) Create LDIF file updatePassword.ldif like


dn: cn=user1,cn=Users,dc=mydomainXX,dc=XXX
changetype: modify
replace: userPassword
userPassword: new_password

dn: cn=user2,cn=Users,dc=mydomainXX,dc=XXX
changetype: modify
replace: userPassword
userPassword: new_password

Replace “dc=mydomainXX,dc=XXX” with OID domain (Realm) under which users are stored.

b) Use LDAPMODIFY command

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapmodify -h oid_hostName -p oid_port-D “cn=orcladmin” -w orcladmin_password-f updatePassword.ldif 

c) Test if user password is updated successfully

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapbind -h [oid_hostName] -p [oid_port] -D “cn=user1,cn=Users,dc=mydomainXX,dc=XXX” -w new_Password

You should get message “bind successful”


To update cn=orcladmin (superuser) password use oidpasswd utility, more information here and here

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Can we expose OID password? the application I integrated with OAM requires password to authorize for that application. So can I send password?


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