Exporting and Importing partners in OAM 11g

In OAM 11g, partners can be exported and imported using WLST command line tool. Note that there is no GUI interface to perform this operation unlike OAM Configuration Manager in 10g.

I have covered export and import of policies in previous post . The export and import partners also entail in similar steps using WLST tool.

To export partners from source OAM environment:

  1. Goto $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin.
  2. Run ./wlst.sh
  3. connect(‘weblogic’,’password’,’t3://weblogic_host:port’)
  4. exportPartners(pathTempOAMPartnerFile=’/app/shared/home/Oracle/Middleware_Dev2/oam_partners.xml’)

The content of the oam_partners.xml file is encrypted. Hence it can’t be edited before import.

To import partners to target OAM environment:

  1. Goto $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin.
  2. Run ./wlst.sh
  3. connect(‘weblogic’,’password’,’t3://weblogic_host:port’)
  4. importPartners(pathTempOAMPartnerFile=’/app/shared/home/Scripts/oam_partners.xml”)

Important points observed after importing:

  1. After importing the partners XML, the artifacts will get generated under location $WL_HOME/output/<AGENT_NAME>
  2. The artifacts will get generated even for IAMSuiteAgent which would pre-exist in target environment.
  3. This is rather crucial. Agents will automatically point to target OAM server. Therefore it is not required to change agents to point to target OAM server details. This is the case with development environment. I presume primary and secondary server details has to be specified in case of production environments – this is not tested though.
  4. If Access Gates are used in source environment and wish to use it in target env with same name, then copy the ObAccessClient.xml present under $WL_HOME/output/<AGENT_NAME> to your application.
  5. If Agents are desired to be used in target environment with same names then no further changes are required to Agent profile details.

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