Help Me : Microsoft Active Directory Password Sync version and latest patch for Oracle Identity Manager

I discussed about OIM connectors available for Microsoft Products(AD User Management, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, and Password Synchronization), I also posted about  Password Synchronization for Active Directory that must be installed on all Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers, and is used to sync password updated on AD to OIM (Note: Passwords are syncronized by default from OIM to AD using MS-AD User Management Connector).


What is latest version of Active Directory Password Synchronization software ?

Well if you follow  OIM Server connectors download page, it says latest version is and “Please apply AD Password Sync connector patch 14627510 after downloading from MOS (My Oracle Support).”

  • As per My Oracle Support, patch 14627510 released on 18th Sep 2012 that brings Password Sync connector to version
  • [updated on Nov 03, 2013 with latest patch set as ] However while doing my research I found another patch 16911683 released on 10th Jun 2013 that brings Microsoft AD Password Synchronization to version  (Its more than an year since Support updated download page to include as latest patch, My Oracle Support : Is anyone listening ?)



Quiz for readers :  How to find version of Microsoft AD Password Synchronization connector for OIM installed on your domain controller (hint above screenshot) ?


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David Richardson says November 2, 2013

In Windows Explorer right-click on the file name oimadpwdsync10.dll in Windows\system32 directory. Select the Properties menu item at the bottom… Go to the Details page…

Atul Kumar says November 2, 2013

@ David Richardson,
Thanks David. It shows me but doesn’t tell me what patchset . We applied but in screenshot above it still shows 🙂

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