This post covers overview of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g connectors for Microsoft (MS) products.

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) (more here) is user provisioning and reconciliation software. To install & configure OIM 11g ( click here  (latest OIM version as of July 2012 is Installation & Configuration steps for OIM are same as , simply use software version WebLogic-10.3.5, RCU-, and IDAM

There are four OIM connectors for Microsoft Products

a) Microsoft Active Directory User Management : Install and configure this connector if you wish to provision users from OIM to Microsoft Active Directory or to reconcile users from Microsoft Active Directory to OIM

b) Microsoft Active Directory Password Synchronization : Microsoft Active Directory User Management connector takes care of synchronizing passwords from OIM to Active Directory. If you also modify (or manage) password for users in Active Directory then use this connector (MSAD Password Synchronization) to synchronize passwords from Active Directory to Identity Manager (OIM)

c) Microsoft Exchange : Use this connector to create mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange for users from OIM. This connector is also used to reconcile changes from Microsoft Exchange to Identity Manager (OIM)

d) Microsoft Windows : Use this connector to integrate Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) with Microsoft Windows.

Note: Microsoft Active Directory User Management and Microsoft Exchange connectors are version 11g where as Microsoft Active Directory Password Synchronization and Microsoft Windows connector are version 9.x.x




For more on installation and configuration of OIM connector for Microsoft Active Directory stay tuned..