Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is collection of Oracle middleware components
– Oracle WebLogic Server (J2EE Application Server)
– Oracle SOA Suite
– Oracle WebCenter
– Oracle HTTP Server
– Oracle WebCache
– Oracle Internet Directory – OID
– Oracle Virtual Directory – OVD
– Oracle Identity Federation – OIF
– Oracle Web Services Manager – OWSM
– Oracle Platform Security Services – OPSS
– Oracle Portal
– Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer

1. Oracle Fusion Middleware components are divided in to two main category
a) Java Components – These components are deployed as J2EE application and resources . Example SOA, WebCenter
b) System Components – These components are NOT deployed as J2EE application. System Components are managed by OPMN (Oracle Process Manager & Notification) . Example HTTP Server, OID, Webcache, Forms & Reports

2. Most of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g components run on Oracle Weblogic Server (application server engine for Fusion Middleware 11g). * You can configure OID with or without WebLogic Domain .

3. OracleAS SSO (Application Server Single Sign-On) and DAS (Delegated Administrative Services) are NOT part of Fusion Middleware 11g. If you are using Oracle Internet Directory (10g) with OracleAS SSO (10g) then you can upgrade only OID to 11g and continue using OracleAS 10g with 11g OID.


Home, Instance and Domain in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
a) MW_HOME – Fusion Middleware Home : This is top level directory for Fusion Middleware products and is created at time of WebLogic Server installation.

b) WLS_HOME – Oracle WebLogic Server Home : This is directory under Fusion Middleware Home and is created at time of WebLogic Server installation. This directory contains binaries (software) for Oracle WebLogic Server.

c) ORACLE_HOME – Oracle Home : contains binaries (software) related to specific oracle middleware product (soa, webcenter, OID, HTTP).
ORACLE_HOME does NOT contain any logs or configuration files (logs or configuration file will either be in domain or Instance Directory).
Each Oracle Middleware Product (SOA, WebCenter, OID, HTTP Server) should be installed in its own ORACLE_HOME inside Fusion Middleware Home.
Oracle HOME resides within directory structure of Fusion Middleware Home
Each Oracle ORACLE_HOME can be associated with multiple Oracle Instances or WebLogic Domain

d) ORACLE_INSTANCE – Oracle Instance : contains runtime (configuration, log..) files for one or more System Components (HTTP Server, WebCache, OID)
System Components (HTTP Server, WebCache, OID) are configured in Oracle Instance
Oracle Instance can reside anywhere (inside or outside fusion middleware home) on server.

e) WebLogic Domain : Domain is logical grouping of one (and only one) Administration Server and zero or more Managed Server in WebLogic Server.
Java Components (SOA , WebCenter..) are configured in WebLogic Domain
You can configure multiple domain for multiple Oracle Fusion Middleware component (one domain for SOA , another for Webcenter third for OID) or can cnfigure all Fusion middleware components in to single domain (webcenter, SOA, OID in same domain)

To know more about Domain in Oracle WebLogic click here


A. Directory structure in below figure contains

1. One MW_HOME
3. Two ORACLE_HOME (SOA & Web Tier – HTTP/Webcache)
5.  One Oracle Domains (SOA)

Fusion Middleware Directory 2


B. Directory structure in below figure contains

1. One MW_HOME
3. Two ORACLE_HOME (SOA & WebCenter)
5. Two Oracle Domains (SOA & WebCenter)

Fusion Middleware Directory