In this post I am going to cover issue that I encountered while assigning Microsoft Exchange Account to a user in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). Microsoft Exchange Connector 11g ( is a .NET based connector that this is required to provision a Microsoft Exchange account from OIM or reconcile an account from Microsoft Exchange to user in OIM. More on Microsoft Exchange Connector deployment with OIM here

Note: Microsoft Active Directory user Management connector is pre-requisite to install Microsoft Exchange Connector and before you provision Microsoft Exchange resource to a user in OIM, you must provision Microsoft Active Directory resource to this OIM user.

To know bore about connectors in OIM 

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I recently assigned a Microsoft Exchange resource to user in OIM (select user, then go to tab Resources and click ADD). Status of this resource was provisioning (where as Status should be Provisioned)


To find out what tasks were execute as part of assigning a resource and why status is Provisioning“, select Exchange User row and click on Action -> Resource History (This will open new window)

If you notice, first task in Microsoft Exchange Provisioning is System Validation and then Create User. Status of Create User is Rejected so to find reason click on Create User link

As you can see – Status is Rejected, Response is CONNECTOR_EXCEPTION and Response Description is Create Object Failed

Next step is to look in to connector server log file,  More on error message in connector server log file and steps to fix in next post.


Question 1 for readers : How to find out where is connector server installed ?
Question 2 for readers : How to find out where are connector server logs configured ?