Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control 11g is now available to download

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control 11g ( software is now available to download from edelivery

  • OEM 11g (like other Fusion Middleware products) is deployed on WebLogic Server (10g OEM was on 10g Oracle Application Server)
  • Install Database (OEM repository) and WebLogic Server 11g (Application Server for OEM) first, before OEM 11g Grid control installation.

OEM 11g

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tomvenning says April 27, 2010

Hi Atul
I hope that you are well. Have you tried out Grid Control 11g yet? If you have, I would be interested to hear your opinions.
Grid Control 11g is only available for Linux at the moment. The current release for Windows and Solaris is

Atul Kumar says April 27, 2010

Hi Tom, Nice to see your scrap 🙂

Yes I have tried this with 11g but it was just installation on Linux which is fairly simple (If you know weblogic)

I have not done any installation of application management pack like EBS, SOA or IdM.

CipherDBA says April 28, 2010

Hi, Atul –

I am a newbie in Oracle. Do you know of any helpful OEM Grid Control 11g installation guides? I don’t have any previous Web Logic experience either. Please assist!


Ommund says April 29, 2010

I’am installing GC11g, but the installation is incredible slow. I am still at the “point” “repository configuration”, and have been there for 24 hours ….
The installer creates tables in the Sysman schema (about 2770 until now), but something has to be wrong…..
Linux: 2.6.18-194.el5
Oracle EE 11gR2
Oracle weblogic 10.3.2

Does anyone know why this is going so slow…

Regards Ommund

Dan says May 21, 2010

Hi all. I’m installing the OEM Grid Control on RedHat 5.5 and keep getting stuck on step 7 of 13. I get “ERROR:SQL Exception null Resultset”. I know the database credentials and port number are correct, I’ve validated the independently. Any ideas?

nirav shah says June 22, 2010

hi all,
today i have install OEM 11g grid control release 11.1..0.1 on Hp-un itanium 64 bit, it looks prity good and nbow try to install agent and congigure our siebel8.0 crm, if somebody have experience on how to configure siebel 8.0, please revert it to me.

thanks & Regards

Prabhat says August 28, 2010

Hi Atul,

Is OEM grid Control a freeware? Let me know the diffrences between free ware and licensed.

Atul Kumar says August 28, 2010

@ Prabhat,

Grid control is provided free of charge, however, the management packs needs to be licensed for the number of users or CPU’s that you “monitor” with it.

Please check with Oracle Support/Sales consultants with licensing

Olly says November 8, 2010


i have exactly the same problem, how did you solved it?


manasa says April 18, 2011

For operational reason, I would like to extend the system jobs to be viewed / read only from the Operational staff userid. In short, Michael/sri can view jobs configured in the instance “abc”.

Do you think, Grid control will help? Or is there any method to assign read only access to EM for operational staff.

plz ans me soon

Atul Kumar says April 18, 2011

@ manasa,
Yes this can be achieved in OEM and yours is very basic requirement .
OEMaccess (read only, only few tabs, or super user) is granted by OEM application role.

Check more at

Madan says May 4, 2011

Hi Atul, Couple of questions.

1. What’s the difference between OEM Gridocontrol and OEM Gridcontrol SOA MGMT PACK.
2. If we want to monitor/analyze the Historical Performance of JMS queues/topics ( last 7 days/1 month), can we do that with OEM Grid control.


Atul Kumar says May 4, 2011

@ Madan,
OEM Grid control is management application to manage database, fusion middleware including identity management and ebs.

OEM Gridcontrol SOA MGMT PACK is a manageemnt pack on top of OEM Grid control which extends manageemnt of SOA from OEM Grid Control. Similarly you apply EBS management pack to manage EBS using OEM grid..

I am not familiar with JMS monitoring capability but I hope this is in weblogic management pack of OEM grid control (check with Oracle Support)

Shalini says June 24, 2011

We have grid installed on linux and we want to extend it to monitor host
having SQL server databases/mysql/no dbs
as well to check basic functionaly only like (up and down status of host).What about installing the Agent on a non-oracle server(mysql and sqlserver)?

do we need a separate license for agent on windows/linux platform to monitor SQL server/mysql instance/databases?
Hoping for a clear and straight answer

Kannan says October 7, 2011

Hi Atul,

we have OEM Grid Control 10g and now I installed OEM Grid Control 11g on another machine.

i need to move the EM scheduled jobs from OEM 10g to OEM 11g.

Is it possible ?

varma1255 says May 27, 2013

Hi all

For oracle grid in oracle 11gr2 is separate linense required?

thanking in advance

Yasir says August 23, 2016

I need oracle enterprise manager 11g for windows

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