OEM 12c to Monitor Identity and Access Management : You are not yet licensed to use the Management Pack Plus for Identity Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control is recommended tool to monitor/manage Oracle Identity & Access Management (OID, OVD, OIM, OAM etc) and WebLogic Server (steps to configure OEM 12c to monitor IAM to follow soon).

For overview of OEM Cloud Control 12c installation click here and to install OEM 12c cloud control using SIMPLE (You can use SIMPLE or ADVANCED mode to install) click here

To view Identity & Access Management dashboard , you login to OEM cloud control central console (https://OMSHost:7799/em as user sysman)  -> Targets -> Middleware -> Middleware Features -> Identity & Access




In my environment I received License Error screen


The page requested is part of the Management Pack Plus for Identity Management.

You are not yet licensed to use the Management Pack Plus for Identity Management. If you like this functionality, please see your super administrator about obtaining a license.


Note: From OEM 12c, Identity Management Pack Plus is enabled by default and is under OEM plug-in Oracle Fusion Middleware


To view Identity & Access Management dashboard page, OEM Agent must be running on one of the Identity Management box and at least one of Identity Management component (OID, OVD, OIM etc) must be discovered .

To fix above issue install OEM agent on one of IAM servers, discover IAM target and prompte them to managed component status (Steps to follow soon)

Identity & Access Management Dashboard should look like below


Steps to configure OEM 12c cloud control to manage Identity Management component coming soon !!

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Iuliana says May 13, 2019

Hi Atul,
do you have idea why I can’t find on OEM
on targets => middleware , option Oracle Identity Management ?
Is missing and I am sure taht something must be done on OEM but I don’t know why .
Thanks in advance for help !

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