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Oracle WebLogic Server is J2EE Server (earlier known as BAEWebLogic Server) similar to Oracle Application Server.

This post covers installation of Oracle WebLogic Server with available installation Mode and Components.

You can download Oracle WebLogic Software from here  (Currently it is available on Windows, Linux and Solaris and can be installed on Windows Vista also)

A. Installation Mode
BEA products can be installed in following mode
i) Graphical Mode – Interactive GUI based
ii) Console Mode – Interactive Text Based (-mode=console)
iii) Silent Mode– Non Interactive method using XML properties file  (-mode=silent -silent_xml=properties_xml_file)


B. Installation Type
i) Complete or
ii) Custom


C. Installation Component
Depending on type of installer you choose, you get following kind of component
1) WebLogic Server
—Server Examples
—Server Add-ons
2) Workshop
—Workshop for WebLogic
—Workshop Runtime Framework
3) WebLogic Integration
—Integration Server
—Workshop Integration Extension
—Integration Examples
4) WebLogic Portal
—Portal Server
—Workshop Portal Extension
—Portal Examples


D. Installation Requirement

i) Hard Disk– Approx 3.5 GB for complete installation.
ii) Memory – Minimum 1GB as per documentation (will work on 500MB as well)
iii) JDK – JDK (Java Development Kit – Not required on windows on Unix install JDK 4,5 or 6)
iv) BEA HOme Directory – This directory is repository for common files used by multiple BEA products.
v) Product Installation Directory– Specific to particular BEA product like WebLogic Server, Workshop for WebLogic, WEbLogic Integration …
vi) Temp Directory – approx 2.5 times of total installation (this will be cleaned up after installation)


E. Things to consider
1. Try NOT to give space in directory for BEA_HOME (like Program Files)
2. Try Not to exceed 12 characters when naming BEA_HOME
3. You can specifiy installation log file during installation like -log=/myinstalllog.log
4. To start installation in console mode use  -mode=console
5. To start in silent mode, create silent.xml file containing all values and use -mode=silent -silent_xml=<location of silent.xml>

F. Installation Steps
1. Welcome
2. Choose BEA Home
3. Choose Install Type (Complete , Custom). If you selected Custom, Go to 4 else go to 5
4. Choose Product and Component (mentioned in step C above)
5. Choose Product Installation Directories
6.Install Windows SErvice (only if installation is on windows AND You have administrative privileges AND this is first installation AND this is CUSTOM installation)
7. Installation complete


Start Installation on Windows/Linux

Go to location where you have download software and start installation as

server1001_win32.exe -mode=console -log=c:\weblogic.log 

Replace server1001_win32.exewith executable name on Linux/Solaris and change location to directory as per Unix like /home/bea/weblogic.log (This will install BEA in interactive console mode)



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