Next step after WEbLogic Installation and Domain Creation here Domain Creation is to know about startup/shutdown in WebLogic Server.
Before starting services in Oracle WebLogic, ensure that you are familiar with Domain, Administration & Managed Server

There are multiple ways to start WebLogic Server(listed below). This post covers WebLogic Startup/Shutdown  using scripts.  Start WebLogic using Node Manager, WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) or other tools coming soon …

There are two type of WebLogic Server instance in a domain, Administration Server and Managed Server.

You can start Managed Server without Administration Server with exception for first time. If you are starting Managed Server for first time]then Administration Server should be Up. Managed Server can cache config files locally(in its local config directory) and later Managed Server can start on its own.
To start Managed Server using script, supply Admin Server protocol, Server Name and Listen Port(check startup command for more information).
If startup mode of domain is “production” then startup will prompt you for username & password to start services (You can create define username/password in file. Coming soon !!!).
If you create domain and startup mode is “development” then startup will not prompt for username/password as username password are stored in boot identity file in security directory of Domain at BEA_HOME / user_projects / domains / <domainName> / servers/ <serverName>/ security /
Ways to start Administration Serverin Oracle WebLogic

1.Using startup script
2. From Windows Start Menu (windows only)
3. Using “java weblogic.Server” command
4. Using WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) and Node Manager
5. Using WLST without Node Manager


Ways to start Managed Serverin Oracle WebLogic

1.Using startup script
2. Using Administration Console
3. Using WLST and Node Manager
4. Using “java weblogic.Server” command


1. Starting Administration Server (startWebLogic.cmd or .sh)
2. Starting Managed Server ( or .cmd)

A. To Start WebLogic Administration Server Instance

Go to domain for which you wish to start Administration Server

cd $BEA_HOME/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/bin

startWebLogic.cmd (for Windows) (for Unix)

confirm that WebLogic Adminstration Server started properly by looking at message “Service started RUNNING mode“. Log file in below picture shows that AdminSever is listening on Port 7001 and all IP addresses on specific machine.

start WebLogic

Startup/Shutdown Log file can be found at $BEA_HOME/ user_projects/ domains/ <domain_name> /servers/<ServerName> /logs / <ServerName>.log


B. Start Managed Server Instance
If you created Managed Server while creating domain then you can start Managed Server using startManagedWebLogic command


startManagedWebLogic.cmd <managed_server_name> <admin_url> (for Windows)  <managed_server_name> <admin_url> (for Unix)

I created Managed Server MS1 with Admin Port as 7003
startManagedWebLogic.cmd ms1 http://localhost:7003 (Windows)



Oracle Documentation for Startup / Shutdown


Next in series , Deploying Application (ear, war, jar)  in Oracle WebLogic Server


Learn Oracle Weblogic Server Administration


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