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I discussed about availability of  Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Apps) version 12.2, in today’s post I am going to cover installation steps.

Installation is more or less similar to previous R12 version (with few additional screens for WebLogic Server).

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Document you must read :

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Installation Guide is available here
  • 1320300.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes, Release 12.2
  • 1376487.1  Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA (AD) Release Notes for Release 12.2.2


Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) 12.2 installation steps 

1. Download software from eDelivery .


1.1 Download following zip files for Linux


2. Setup staging area (You can either unzip all files downloaded earlier or follow below process)

2.1 unzip StratHere DVD (for Linux)


2.2 Start buildStage script



2.3 select option 1 i.e. Create New Stage

2.3 Select Option 2 Linux x86-64

2.4 Please enter the directory containing the zipped installation media: [Enter directory location where all the zip files are downloaded]


You should see output like



Verifying stage area…

Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechInstallMedia is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechPatches/DB is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechPatches/MiddleTier is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/EBSInstallMedia/AppDB is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/EBSInstallMedia/Apps is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/EBSInstallMedia/AS10.1.2 is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechInstallMedia/database is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechInstallMedia/ohs11116 is valid
Directory /stage/oracle/r12/12.2/TechInstallMedia/wls1036_generic is valid



2.5 Staging Area should look like below


3. Create Operating System User depending on Single User or Multi User Installation :

You can do

a) Single -User  Installation : oracle where both Application Tier and Database Tier are owned by single user

b) Multi-User Installation : oracle & applmgr where Application Tier is owned by one user (applmgr) and Database Tier by another (oracle)

Note: I am doing multi-user installation and using applmgr & oracle both member of group dba

groupadd dba
useradd -g dba applmgr
useradd -g dba oracle


4. Start Installer from root user
cd $R12.2_SOFTWARE/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/

5. In Wizard Operation screen select : Install Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.0



Remaining steps in next post !!

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