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AWS Certified Developer Associate DVA-C01

AWS Certification is one of the most trending and a must-have certification for an IT Professional working in the cloud computing domain. The AWS Certified Developer Associate is one of the three associate-level certifications offered by Amazon-Web Services. Check out the blog post- to know everything you need about AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification […]

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5 Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Case Study: 5 Pillars Of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Essentially, a well-architected Amazon AWS framework is a concept of architecting cloud infrastructure for performing, resilient, and efficiency. The 5 pillars are the deciding factor that makes applications and workloads well architected. It seems simple and not important but trust us this is what separates an expert from the rest. Read the blog post at […]

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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional DOP-C01

With the advancement in the cloud, it is essential for the development and operation team to take advantage of the AWS DevOps model, to increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services very quickly. Check out the blog post at which covers everything you need to know about AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – […]

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Identity and Access Management

AWS Identity And Access Management (IAM)

AWS IAM is the heart of the AWS security because it empowers you to control access by creating users and groups, assigning specific permissions and policies to specific users, Managing Root Access Keys, setting up MFA Multi-Factor authentication, for additional security, and so much more. And the cherry on top, IAM is free to use! […]

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Elastic Load Balancing

AWS Elastic Load Balancing: Overview And Types

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a load-balancing service for AWS deployments. It automatically distributes incoming application traffic and scales resources to fulfill high traffic demands. Check out the blog at for a better understanding of AWS Elastic Load Balancing. In this blog, we will cover: – AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)AWS IAM — Key Features – […]

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Creating AWS Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 Instance

EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud —>It is a computing service provided by AWS. There are 6 main types of Instances to fit different use cases. Check out the blog post- which covers: • Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 Instance • Features of AWS EC2 Instance • How To Create An EC2 Instance • Accessing EC2 Instance through […]

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AWS Storage

AWS Storage: Overview, Types & Benefits

Over the years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) data storage has been diversified vastly to cater to varying needs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers different types of storage services, low-cost data storage with high durability, and high availability. Check out the blog at for a better understanding of AWS Storage services.In this blog, we will […]

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Amazon Elastic File System

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS): Overview And Steps To Create

AWS Elastic File System is Amazon Web Services’ latest storage solution and is a fully managed, simple, and scalable file storage to use with EC2 instances. As the name suggests, it grows and shrinks automatically with your storage needs and EC2 instances can access EFS using NFS (v4.1), over multiple availability zones at low latency […]

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AWS Free Tier Account

Create AWS Free Tier Account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing 12 months of Free Tier account to new subscribers to get hands-on experience with all the AWS cloud services. Check out the blog at for a better understanding of how to create the AWS free tier account. In this blog, we will cover: – Amazon AWS Trail account […]

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AWS overview

[Blog] Overview of Amazon Web Services & Concepts

5 Reasons Why one should start learning Amazon Cloud To know more about it check this blog post at  which covers: What is Cloud Computing  Service Model Various Services offered by Amazon AWS Click on the link >> to book your seat for the Amazon AWS Solution Architect Certification For Beginners FREE Masterclass […]

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