Hi All,

In this post I will explain how one can register a webgate from webgate host rather than registering the webgate from OAM Admin Console or OAM Admin Host.

Refer these posts 1, 2 to understand concepts of WebGate registration in OAM 11g. Inband registration mode is used when Web Server Administrator and OAM Administrator are same or managed by same team. Therefore one can register webgate through inband mode either in OAM Admin Server Host using command line or through OAM Admin Console. However these approaches would enforce Admin to copy OAM WebGate artifacts from OAM Admin Host to WebGate host. If your OAM deployment has several WebGate hosts which makes copying artifacts a challenge, then this post would help you.

To register webgate in command line, oamreg.sh script is used. This comes bundled with <<ORACLE_HOME>>/oam/server/rreg/client and the file is RREG.tar.gz.

All you need to do is to copy this zip file into a command place to be used by all webgate in your deployment.

  1. Copy RREG.tar.gz to WebGate Host.
  2. Unzip and untar it.
  3. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable to JRE path. The WebGate host must have JRE installed prior to webgate registration.
  4. Prepare the input xml located in <<RREG_HOME>>/input. <<RREG_HOME>> is the directory where zip file is extracted.
  5. Ensure to update serverAddress field in XML to OAM Server URL say http://<<OAM_ADMIN_HOST>>:<<port>>
  6. Goto <<RREG_HOME>>
  7. Run the command ./bin/oamreg.sh inband input/<<input_xml_name>>
  8. This command will prompt you to enter OAM WebLogic Admin username and password. It will also prompt you whether to set webgate password. If you select yes, it will prompt you to enter webgate password.
  9. The WebGate artifacts ObAccessClient.xml along with password files based on security mode will be generated at <<RREG_HOME>>/output/<<WEBGATE_NAME>>
  10. Copy these artifacts to WebServer conf/webgate/config directory and restart the web server.

Hope this helps.